Fall 2020 and COVID-19 Information and Updates

Staff Directory


Director's Office

Rian Misfeldt, Director, Library & Testing Services 306-775-7710
TBD, Department Administrator 306-775-7709

Saskatoon Campus Library

Regan Balfour, Library Manager 306-765-1533
Fabian Harrison, Collections & Borrowe Services Librarian 306-659-4240
Chau Ha, Instruction Librarian 306-659-4312
Kelly Burke, Digital Ecosystems Librarian 306-659-4241
Nina Verishagen, Marketing & Outreach Librarian 306-659-4425
Tasha Maddison, Copyright Librarian 306-659-4125
Mike Sainsbury, Instruction Librarian 306-659-4222
Colleen McLean, Library Technician 306-659-4347
Hannah Elliott, Library Technician 306-659-4412
Alexandria Delorme, Library Technician 306-659-4037
Beverly Theriault, Library Supervisor 306-659-4167
Claire Gray, Receiving Clerk 306-659-4224
Anet James, Circulation Clerk 306-659-4040

Saskatoon Avenue W Centre Library

Colette Schreiner, Library Technician 306-659-4929

Moose Jaw Campus Library

Juliet Nielsen, Library Manager 306-775-7412
Jennifer Shrubsole, Instruction Librarian 306-691-8229
Ann Liang, User Experience Librarian 306-691-8227
Joyce Playford, Library Technician 306-691-8231
Rowena Masaoay, Library Technician 306-691-8232
Brenda Fallis, Library Supervisor 306-691-8230
Florence Pequin, Circulation Clerk 306-691-8233
Kimberley Ruten, Circulation Clerk 306-691-8233

Regina Campus Library

Juliet Nielsen, Library Manager 306-775-7412
Robin Canham, Digital Resources Librarian (On Leave)
Darrell Yates, Digital Resources Librarian 306-775-7409
Erin Langman, Reference & Information Services Librarian 306-775-7411
Diane Zerr, Library Teaching & Learning Librarian 306-775-7413
Panayiota Tompoulidou, Library Technician 306-775-7405
Anum Tanveer, Library Supervisor 306-775-7779
Laureen Marchuk, Library Technician 306-775-7407
Meredith Inverarity, Circulation Clerk 306-775-7408
Holly Adamson, Systems Administrator 306-775-7403
Rana Umair, Digital Resources Library Assistant 306-775-7410

Prince Albert Campus Library

Regan Balfour, Library Manager 306-765-1533
Martine Morency, Digital Resources Library Assistant 306-765-1547
Jacquie Goertzen, Library Supervisor 306-765-1546
Shelby Gryba, Circulation Clerk 306-765-1534