Fall 2020 and COVID-19 Information and Updates

Teaching Remotely

Get Started

Things to consider when you have to move your class online quickly.

Recorded PD Sessions

Access recorded professional development sessions to help you with your online teaching.

Teaching Online

Teaching tips for creating engaging online learning experiences.

Assessment Options

Get help choosing options, beyond traditional exams, for evaluating student progress while learning how to implement quizzes and exams online.

Technology and Tools

Brightspace, Zoom, Kaltura, other resources and collaboration tools that can help.

Library Resources

Work with the library to populate your online classes with engaging videos, images, and readings while exploring options for digitizing and posting print-only course material (including texts).

Wellness Resources

Strategies, tools and resources to promote faculty mental and physical wellness during times of disruption. Learn more about setting up a home office, staying physically well and strategies to manage anxiety during uncertain times.

Get Help

How to get additional guidance and support.



 IMPORTANT UPDATE: Briefing Note on Use of Cameras in Classes


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Assessment and Grading Procedures September 2020


Athabasca has a 5-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course!) on Technology-Enabled Learning – click Enroll Now to get started (disregard course dates)


Copy Content From a Master Section

Do you have content in a master section that you would like copying to your individual teaching section? Please contact LT Support through the helpdesk.


Learn the Online Toolset

Do you need to get up to speed quickly on the online toolset? Do you need help organizing your course? Please contact a Learning Technology Trainer.


Content Upload Support

Do you need help uploading content online? The Instructional Design group can upload your lecture notes, presentations, etc. for you. Please contact Don Dietrich for details.